Commercial Yoga Photography


Yoga Began for me, as it does for many people... 

purely as a form of exercise. I was looking to loose weight and become healthier physically. I had no idea how life changing the practice would become. Yes, I lost the weight I was hoping to lose. I’m over 40 pounds lighter today than I was in my first yoga class. Yes, I am more “toned” than I used to be, and I continue to see changes in my body on a regular basis, even years later. However, these changes do not even begin to compare to the leaps and bounds I’ve grown mentally and emotionally. Since starting my yoga practice 5 years ago, I’ve come almost completely off of very high doses of anti anxiety and depression medications, which were a crutch for me for over 9 years. My entire world has shifted into a much more positive and gracious space. I have developed a level of mindfulness, patience, and love that I never knew I could tap into. I have found my passion in this lifetime, and that goes so far beyond what my body looks like, or whether I can touch my toes or stand on my hands (although that’s a lot of fun too). 


Pairing my passions of Yoga and Photography has been a dream come true. 

I've found a slice of my own personal heaven with the combination of photography and yoga. I have completely fallen in love with photographing relationships -- weddings, engagements, families, etc., and I've learned that photographing yoga is no different. For me, the yoga practice is about developing a stronger and more loving relationship to the self, which then can influence stronger relationships throughout our entire lives. It's lovely, really, how everything ties together.