Hey! I’m Nicole.



Yes, my last name is actually Wild. People ask a lot, and I definitely lucked out. Although, many call me the ‘mild wild’ for I’m more likely to be the calm, cool and collected person in the room. As a vegetarian yoga instructor with a heart driven by putting good into the world, I’m hardly what most people might call ‘wild.’ Yet, I believe there’s a deeper kind of wild that I work hard to embody and value in others. Wild passion, wild love, wild sense of self and wild courage to take risks. Wildly unapologetic for chasing after dreams. Wild ability to follow your gut and your heart, and let the mind take a little rest. Life is a wild ride, I am most at home with the ones who are wild enough to embrace it. 

A bit about me!

I always joke that if you don’t see me with a camera in my hands, I’m probably standing on them. I am a full time yoga instructor, and also host health + wellness events in the Bozeman area. My free time is spent chasing summer around the globe, wake-surfing at the lake, and hiking in the mountains. I spontaneously trained for a marathon once. I catch bugs and put them outside instead of killing them. I believe in using reusable bags at the grocery store. I have an endless hunger for learning and trying new things. I meditate. I have a deep rooted belief in helping others + putting good into the world.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Film + Photography from Montana State University and photographed my first wedding in 2013. Since then, I’ve been creating and building my business and am now booking out my summer seasons. I absolutely love what I do - I feel so lucky to have a job that allows me to hang out with good people and celebrate their biggest days. I am fascinated by each unique couple’s love stories and what got them to their wedding day. It’s such a beautiful journey.


My Other Loves



I started teaching yoga 4 years ago after the practice transformed my life. I lost 40+ pounds, got off of my anxiety/depression medication and have found myself living a fulfilled, balanced and joyful life. More than anything in this world, I want to give that kind of goodness back to others.

Instagram @nicolewildcollective

Health + Wellness Events

Each September, I host a health and wellness event in the Bozeman community called EDGE Wellness Week. I believe the edge of our comfort zone is the place where growth lies. I am also currently creating a yoga retreat schedule for 2020, both in the US and abroad.

Instagram @edgewellnessweek