Yogi + Multi-passionate Entrepreneur 


Yoga + Hustle

If I don't have a camera in my hands, I'm probably standing on them. For real - I spend a lot of time playing upside-down. I've been a yoga instructor since 2015, and own a Wellness Events business called Ebb + Flow, which hosts EDGE, Bozeman's Annual Wellness Week. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and admire others who have massive dreams and even bigger hearts. I am a mostly-vegan (mostly, because sometimes I cannot say no to ice cream or Cheeto's) and you're more likely to find me reading a book or setting goals on a Friday night than out on the town!


Above anything else that I achieve in my lifetime, my biggest goal is this: I want to put good into the world every single day. I want to leave the world just a little better than how I found it. I do this through teaching and practicing yoga, and through making art that people love. You'll see that I make a small donation from each wedding I photograph to a good cause, and you'll have a say in where that money goes! 


I grew up in Bozeman, where I am based. However, I always have an itch to travel, and a passport that'll take me anywhere I have the opportunity to go! Between graduating high school and earning a degree in Photography at MSU, I attained my yoga teacher trainings in Greece and then Indonesia. 


Handles + Links

Ebb + Flow: Instagram @ebbflowwellnessevents // Web: www.ebbflowbozeman.com

Yoga: Instagram @nicolewildcollective // Web: www.yogaoffthemat.blog

Photo: Instagram @nicolewildimagery // Web:  lookin' at it!



Glacier National Park Trip

Taken by Jim Wheeler

Girl Talk_89.jpg

Teaching at Girl Talk

Taken by Lo Magee