Hello! Nicole Wild here. Yes, my last name is Wild! People ask me about it a lot. 

But to be honest, I'm more of a mild-wild. Yoga instructor, (mostly) vegan and all-around giver of love, I'm usually the cool, calm and collected person in the room. From the moment you inquire until your photos are hanging on the wall, I'll be available to help the process move along smoothly. On top of delivering a gallery of images you'll really love, I will work to make your wedding experience flow easily. I'll share wedding day tips + tricks, be available to answer any questions and when all is said and done, you'll receive your photos back within 10 days! I work hard so that you can play harder!



I mentioned I'm an all-around giver of love, yeah?  I mean, I'm the person who walks the old lady across the street, stops at every homeless man to give a dollar, and spent about 25% of my high school part-time job's savings donating to the food bank each month and sponsoring a child in Africa. So my photography business is no different. Starting in 2019, for each wedding that I photograph, I will be making a $50 donation to a charity of the couple's choosing. Don't worry, I'll give you options if you don't already have one in mind! Each donation will be made in yours + your new spouse's names, as my wedding gift to you. 

Nicole did an excellent job on both our engagement and wedding photos! She really captured the day :) Five months later and I still have too many favorites to decide which wedding picture to have professionally framed!!
— Madi, WeddingWire.